How we may use your information – the personal information we hold about you, how we use it, and your rights, including those about accessing your records.

The new Data Protection Act 2018 and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which came into force on May 2018 gives you the right to be informed about any personal information we may hold about you.

Details of the information our services may hold about you can be found in our privacy notices.

Privacy notice information

We may use your personal information to carry out our duties and deliver services.

We decide what, when, and how personal information is used and ensure it is held securely. This means we are a ‘data controller’ under the new data protection legislation.

Why we collect and use personal information

We deliver a range of services that we are able or legally required to do.

We will use your information to:

  • provide, plan and manage our services
  • carry out any other tasks which we have to do by law
  • listen to your ideas about our services
  • tell you about our services

We can only use your personal information if we have a legal basis for doing so. The legal basis will be recorded on the relevant service area privacy notice.

Sometimes we use personal information that is considered sensitive under the legislation, such as your ethnicity or health condition, which will require extra conditions to be in place before it can be used. We can only use this type of personal data if we can meet one of the conditions and this information will be recorded on the relevant privacy notice.

If we are using your ‘consent’ as our legal basis to use your information you will always be given the opportunity to make a positive statement of your consent to use it for a specific purpose, informed that you can withdraw that consent at any time, and given a contact name who can action your request to withdraw consent.

Please visit the Information Commissioner’s Office consent information.